Getting Up To Date

Well today was my first day of school,it wasnt that big of a deal.We covered topics such as what the different emergency procedures their are in each class and in some of the classes we even did fun activitys to learn more about the peers in our class.To be honest i was really  tired and thought all of it was boring.I did get to see a few of my aquantences from last year and we caught up a little.I cant wait until the school week is over,because on saturday i get to go sign up for my local softball team.i have played on two different softball teams already one in the third grade and one in the fourth but i havent really been able to do much as a sixth grader and also havent had the time because of my familys just moving here.i hope i am still as good at softball as i remember being.ta ta for now!!!


well today i woke up with a headake,i ate some french toast,i talked to my ex,supposedly he has some unknown disease and they are studying him like a lab rat.and i made some cookies for my brother and i have sat on the computer typing up all of my fantsasys and saving them in my document i start school this monday the seventh grade bitches ya i am kinda excited ut i am gonna miss the freedom of getting to stay up all night and hang out with the few friends i have and going over to their houses and satying for weeks at a time ya it is gonna suck not getting to have fun like that.but hey i still have the weekends and i will be able to do alot more things since i am going back to school <3.the worst thing is the homework and projects though urrggg it sucks especially when you are in advanced classes and more is exspected of you.